Tree Care

We recommend planting your transplants within 72 hours of receiving them. If you need to store them keep them cool with the roots damp and the tops dry. A cool building or the north side of a garage works well. They must be checked daily to insure the roots are damp and cool. Digging a trench in a shaded area also works well. Putting the roots in the trench and leaving the tops exposed.

Dirt, sawdust or mulch is good to cover the roots. This is temporary and plants should be planted ASAP for best results. Protect your investment by insuring your plants are kept in good condition. Exposing roots to dry, sunny or windy conditions can quickly take the vigor out of your plants. Even when actually planting your trees keep the roots in a bucket of water or cover roots with a damp towel or wet piece of burlap. Following these instructions and using good common sense will yield good results.

Tree care image